Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Room For Rent - Chirp Cheap! (Birdhouse)

This project came about when one of my co-workers and good friend, Sasha, bought her first house. Our department specifically are like family...some of us have been there for over 15 years and the new ones blend in like they have been there just as long. Needless to say...we wanted to offer her something special to celebrate her new adventure. We joked about getting her a birdhouse...well...guess what happened next?

Barbara, one of the family members, scouted the area for a artisan who makes and paints birdhouse. You see them everywhere when you have no intention of buying a birdhouse. Where were they now? Don't know! Shhhheeeessssshhhh! She finally found a very talented man who made birdhouses...he only had one though. BUT, it was ready to go. So, she set out to get it!

 Pretty nice huh? Kinda bland though. So, Barbara had another brilliant idea... :) (love you Barb...heehee)

Lucy will make it pretty! Yes, she will...

Anyone who knows Sasha (and I do...pretty well too) knows that Sasha likes a cozy home...one that is well put together and looks inviting and, oh yeah...it MUST have some red in it!

As always, when a project thrown at me, my brain goes into overdrive and can't focus on much else...that lunch hour was spent at the craft store where I bought some pressed wood moldings and a plain circle piece...and THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED THAT WEEK END!

One of the moldings looked like an S. which I used to personalize the house. Painted the moldings, roof and bottom part RED for some punch. The rest is a distressed white with a little brown and golden white.


Sasha's Nest Inn was born....

The Side View

Two little signs hang from the side wall hanging from the moldings from a tiny chains. The signs made from over sized Popsicle sticks, ends broken off by hand and painted brown for a more rustic look. Holes were drilled in the moldings and signs to secure everything together.

Signs advertise ROOM FOR RENT followed by CHIRP CHEAP

The Other Side

I left the other side rather plain with just a molding to keep it company. You can see where I put the circle piece of pressed wood. The lettering is metal...giving the sign a cleaner and crisper appearance. I had fun with it.

The Roof

I found the roof a little plain so I added some branches to warm thing up a little. Which dodo wouldn't want to live here?

So Sasha! Happy Home...

From your Cookoos at work: Barbara, Debbie, Caroline, Eric, Janice, Julie, Sheryl and me too! We love you and we can't wait to have a Margarita party in your back yard....



Unknown said...

Beautiful birdhouse Lucy, great job!!! :)

Unknown said...

Thank you my friend ;)