Tuesday, September 4, 2012

GREETING CARD - Brown Bagging it!

This original keepsake card's foundation is a brown paper lunch bag! Yep...that's right! Simply fold the bag in half, glue or "fancy" sew the inside middle part and it becomes a little album!

I've glued some scrapbook paper on the cover and embellished with tags, labels and transfer lettering all found at ...the dollar store! (Who would have guessed it?

 Here's the opened view of the card. Notice the bottom flap of the bag on the left page? Make use of that space by inserting a keepsake under the flap and have it stick out a little for a dimensional feel.  Spruce it up as you please. This particular card was made for a dear friend battling with cancer. Inside were inspirational quotes and words from her friends.

(Left side view while open)

Pictures instead of words are a nice option as well.


(Right side view while open)                                         

This side has a nice little pocket from the top opening
of the bag. Insert some pictures or some greetings


I gathered a little compilation of proverbs and wishes. Attached them into a booklet and placed it in the pocket.

This card was filled with laughter, memories, and love.

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