Friday, September 7, 2012

Wii Invite You to our Party!

I'm a little bummed out! I looked and looked in all my camera's memory cards to find the pictures of my daughter's 6th birthday party. Wii had a Wii party! Of course the invitation had Wii Wiiten all over it! But the very best part was the invitation itself! 

It's a Wiimote made of thick paper. I found a template on the net and ended up making about ten of these. They looked amazing and REAL... I added a sting taped to the inside and made it come out through a corner. Laminated the Wii invite you invitation (business card size), punch a hole at the corner of it and tied it up to the string. 

Wii had so much fun!

One of the items in the loot bag was a Wiimote candy dispenser (dollar store)!

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