Saturday, September 1, 2012


The Invitations

Simple, pure and pretty. Bottled water...what a refreshing invitation! The bottle you choose needs to be without ridges with a label that will come off easily.
I named my spa "SPA FOU". Another of my play on words which sounds like a slang french Canadian way of saying "Ce n'est pas fou". In English "That's not Crazy". Of course, you can come up with your own spa name.
Type out your invitation information on plain white printer paper with desired font as paste with glue stick print facing inside. Reading the invitation through the water is almost magical....and peaceful!
With scrap-booking sheets of your choice decorate the bottle to give it a feminine touch. Add a name tag, again personalizing your invitation is truly appreciated by your guests, and ribbon.

The Loot Bags

Wooden boxes found at the dollar store filled with sleeping mask (dollar store), manicure set, nail polish (a mixture of colors), crackle finish bottle as well to spruce things up. This loot box was given to each guest at the beginning of the party as each girl used her own kit throughout her spa experience.


The waiting area - Fountain, gossip magazines, books.

 Turning your Living Room into a SPA

  The main thing to keep in mind is to use furniture and items that you already have in your home or borrow from a friend. Work with the space that you have.
 What's a spa without candles, soothing images and new age music? Create the mood...
I didn't want firemen crashing the party (at least not for any alarming reason) so I used flameless tea lights...guess where I bought them? Uh, yeah, dollar store! relaxing is this?! Perfect party ...everyone will be sleeping half an hour into the party! hee hee


The hot paraffin wax station

Spa Treatment Stations

 The one thing you will need to  pull off this party is a great entourage! Your friends play a major role in the success of the Spa Party as they will be your staff. Each will be assigned a station to work at. I thought I would be at a station myself but found it more efficient to go from station to station to ensure that everyone had what they needed...also to take pictures of the event. A picture montage was given to each guest as a thank you by the following week.

The foot massage station

Followed by the foot lotion station
To total relaxation mode (one of these girls fell asleep ;) )
To the final station - the manicure
 The girls got a little free for all time after the manicure...some swam with dolphins and others watched their faces turn orange ;)

Kicking off our heels...and smacking them?- A Pinata!

A Pinata shaped like a shoe


This cake was made by my friend Caroline Desmarais whom you can find right here: Sweet Cake Caroline

 Next party...Mad Science!



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