Sunday, September 2, 2012

School and Day Camp Projects

Costume for Candy Land Day

If your kids are like mine they give you little advance warning on what activities are coming up at school and day camp that will need your participation. This year my daughter, 9, decided that unlike all the other years of camp she wanted to participate in some of the costume days at day camp. This is what I came up with on very short notice for Candy Land day.

With some pillow stuffing and food dye I was able to create a cotton candy hat for her. It would have been best if I could have let the stuffing dry over night after dying it pink but because I had to head to work the next morning I didn't. Had it been completely dry before hot gluing it on the cap I could have made it look smoother...less lumpy. I also added a rolled up scrapbook 12" x 12" sheet to create the cardboard stick.

What you will need:

-  pillow stuffing

-  old cap

- red food dye

- 12" x 12" scrapbook sheet

- hot glue gun/stick

- sweet girl

Bake Sales

Your kids will enjoy taking something different to the school back sale...think about how good they feel when every other kid wants to buy THEIR treats!

Have you ever seen these fun and easy to make burger cupcakes?

Burger cupcakes

I found the recipe for this on another website

I love this many great ideas....

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