Wednesday, September 5, 2012

AHOY! Pirate Party and the REALLY COOL cake that had the... (read and discover why the cake was soooo cooool)

This was most definitely the theme party that sparked the flame to raise the bar for an unforgettable party higher from year to year! Pretty typical and easy. Message in a bottle inside for the invitations. Stressed looking map with directions to the house etc. Easy. We had a scavenger hunt that led to a huge treasure conveniently split into equal parts in satin bags for each pirate... Some of the children were younger and didn't know how to read yet so the hints leading to the treasure were all pictures and drawings...THEY LOVED IT!

 Dressing the part definitely a mood setter. 
What's even more fun is dressing up your 
guests each one arrives. You see
the set changing and taking form before
you. The atmosphere creeps in slowly but
surely. Before you realize it've got
a crew. The only thing missing is Depp.

My "something" to write about for this party is
the brilliant idea I got for the cake. I decided to make the cake that year. Except....I had never actually baked a "theme" cake before. My expertise never exceeded the Duncan Hines kind of cake in a round 8" pan. But yes! I was determined.

Overall it didn't turn out so badly...but there was something really really COOL about this cake. Can you figure it out by looking at it?

Do you see it? X marks the spot right?
That's where I buried the treasure! 
It was a crystal-like angel that glittered
like gold! It was in a box and wrapped
in plastic. No worries...I didn't bake it!
F.Y.I. you bury it after the cake is baked!
Oh la la....My daughter is the only kid I 
know of that got to dig out a treasure from
her birthday cake before serving it! 
How COOL is that? But I was so busy
making sure that it didn't get everywhere
that I set the camera pics! Urh!

Gold candles ...nice...

I know what you're all thinking...what about the 
loot bags? That was the treasure they found.
Remember the silk bags filled with goodies?

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