Saturday, September 1, 2012

The BEN 10 PARTY  

The Invitations:

I'm presently working on my son's BEN 10's the progress so far:

The invitations! This is what you get even before attending the party...A nut-free chocolate bar invitation! You can download Ben 10 images from the web to create your original invitation...SWEEEEEEET!

Here a link to the chocolate wrapper template I used:

 Party Supplies:

It's a really nice touch to personalize your invitations with the child's name on the label. Now that your invitations are done and delivered we will need party supplies! For the cost efficient method I suggest the dollar store solution where you can stock up on "alien"  green paper plates, cup, napkins and balloons. However, if you want to go to go all out there are many online party websites where you can purchase all your Ben 10 gear. I like to mix...dollar store for most of the supplies mixed with a little thematic plates and napkins which I bought from this Canadian website

The Ben 10 Flying Saucer Loot Bags:

 I really like to be original with the loot bags.  I knew I wanted to make a UFO loot bag but had to take into consideration the items going into the loot bag. I found a bunch of Ben 10's Ominitrix watch at Giant Tiger for $5.99ea. (reg. $15.00 ea) over the summer. Even if my son's birthday is only in September I decided to plan ahead. Needless to say: I STOCKED UP! So this would be the main "loot".  Now...about that UFO...hum? Ideas usually pop up in the most mundane places. Grabbing my coffee in my work building's coffee shop I came across the perfect foundation to my UFO...this is what came of it:

Step 1.

Purchase from your favorite coffee shop plastic yogurt cups. The ones with a separate top compartment for the grains and nuts.
The top part serves as a cockpit for the alien of your choice. Mine were purchased at the dollar store. The bottom part holds the Ben 10 Omnitrix watch. I have three different models of the Omnitrix seeing the two of our guests already have the most popular model.

Step 2.

Cut scrapbook paper using an 8" 3/4 tin foil plate as your template and the top of the yogurt cup for the center circle. Slit the donut from outer edge to inner edge. You will need two per saucer.

Step 3.

This will allow you to shape your donut into a mini lampshade for bottom and top part of your saucer. Make your mini lampshade for the bottom part. This should wrap up tightly against the bottom part of the cup. Use tape to hold it in place.

Step 4.

Wrap the top saucer part snug against the top part of the cup. Tape to hold in place.

Step 5.

Found the Laser finger beams at the dollar store. They would make great flying saucer lights!

Tape on these cool laser lights on the underside of your saucer and voilà ....Don't forget to tape underside of cup to the bottom part of the saucer to make sure everything stays put nicely.



If you want you can fill the saucer with other goodies inside the saucer part...just make certain that the items are not too heavy or your saucer will fall apart. You're child will think that your the coolest Mom in the Universe....and he would be right!


We're now September 17th and the party was's the update!


The party was OUT OF THIS WORLD!

 Preparations! Loot bags (saucers) ready! Ben 10 Alien masks ready to be chosen, flutes all purchased at / Poster, Ben 10 badges were homemade / Colorful watches party favors were bought at the dollar store.

The Ben 10 Badges   The Ben 10 logo was found on the internet. We cut and laminated to make it more resistant (optional). We stuck adhesive velcro (dollar store) for the back. Each child (alien) received a badge and chose a mask when they arrived. 

 Party Favor Watches 

These watches purchased at the dollar store were modified slightly with a printed Ben 10 logo replacing the face of the watch. Each alien chose a watch at their arrival.

 My son, Ben 10 (for a day)

We orders a Ben 10 costume from How cute are my kids?



We played "Pin the Omnitrix on Ben 10"! Printed an image of Ben 10 on our printer. If you look closely you can see that there are 9 pages! Stuck the image on foam core and covered with transparent shrink wrap!

For the Omnitrix watch to be stuck onto the poster board we basically did the same...print and laminate the logo (omnitrix) and laminate. This time we used double sided tape on the back. Play in the same way you would play Pin the Tail on the Donkey!
We had fun in the backyard with the four wheeler (obviously a Super Hero vehicle) The smiles were endless and priceless! We worked with what we have and so should you! What can you offer and how can you make it happen? Mold the games to your environment.

I hate guns but I LOVE water guns! Let's admit it...they're FUN for EVERYONE! We've got a "nice" electrical pole smack in the middle of our tiny backyard and this is what we used it for at the party. My husband set this up!

One minute to aim water in the bucket to make it tip on your side. Notice the two Alien masks they had to aim at?

The Cake

A Ben 10 cake of course... from
Sweet Cake Caroline You should have seen this baby lit up! Whoooooa!

Ben 10 and the little Aliens! We had a great time...even though Victor looks like he's going to cry on this picture! (he wasn't)


Unknown said...

Wow good job Lucy. Vic will be very Happy.

Maureen Jacot said...

You never stop impressing me with your original ideas. I have witnessed on many occasions how kids always look forward to your parties. I wish you would have organized my parties when I was a child!!

shiva said...

wow lucy this is such an amazung idea.....the kids are going to looooove it. They will feel they are shooting for the next pirate series.Very innovative and fun idea which all moms and kids will appreciate equally.

Unknown said...

Thank you!

Shiva, I'm working on a few more things for the Ben 10 party. Can't wait till Sunday!

Anonymous said...

Your flying saucer loot bags are ADORABLE! What size parfait cup did you use?

Unknown said...

Thank you Anonymous ;) I can't remember the exact size but they were not very big. I would compare it to a small coffee cup at Tim Horton's or Starbucks. Hope this helps.

Misbecanne13 said...

Hi there, I’m doing a Ben 10 theme party for my son at the end of this month and wanting to do a poster for the game pin the Omnitrix on Ben 10. Just wanted to ask how you got or did your picture over 9 pages??? As I have been trying to get my image large enough to print over 9 pages, I have tried everything/way I can think of but it not working. I would appreciate any help you can give me thanks kind regards Bec