Monday, October 8, 2012


GIMME AN M...i...c...k...e...y!


So we're October 8th...Thanksgiving weekend. Mickey, as of yesterday morning had no clue on what she wanted to dress up as for Halloween this year. Mickey is more complicated than my son who is content with a store bought outfit that about 50 more kids in the neighborhood will be wearing that Hallow's Eve... Mickey, on the other hand never knows and most often can't make up her mind on what she's like to be. Lucky for mom (Mickey's grandmother) volunteers at her local church thrift shop where she found an amazing cheerleader dress! Mickey was sold!

Now, we needed pompoms...hummmm....  We set off to Giant pompoms...dollar pompoms. I did come across some Hula skirts at the dollar store that, in my mind, can easily be turned into pompoms. Mickey was not so easily we put them back. However, I'm pretty stubborn. So, I told Mickey that I'd be making them anyway and if she didn't like them we'd look for pompoms elsewhere...and those would be a min. of 20$ for sure...and probably mediocre. A gamble I knew was worth taking...

The creation of the pompoms:

Found some colorful Hula skirts at the dollar store. I picked up 6 not knowing how many I would use. I ended using 5 in all.

- Two skirts per pompom
- One skirt for leg frills

I found these in the same isle. Those would make great handles...PLUS on Halloween night we can add the glow sticks within the pompoms for visibility!

You'll need two of these.

Take two skirts and wrap around the handle. Secure with a heavy duty elastic band. Do the same for the second pompom.

You should end up with something like this... sewing! (for this part)

With another skirt I sewed a seam vertically on the waist elastic about  4 -5 inches from each end (measure your child's leg). Cut outside the seam at both ends to create leg warmer type frills!

You've made your first pompom...Three cheers for you! (I would have made a terrible cheerleader)

But my daughter... she would be the best ! Well, after she refined her moves a little. We had a blast with will you ;)



Dale said...

What a fabulous idea!!

Unknown said...

Thank you Dale! ;)

Unknown said...

Oh wow...what a great idea!! You could have saved me lots of money a few years back....LOL I ended up buying a cheerleading outfit for Victoria!