Monday, September 3, 2012

Homemade Halloween Costume! TWEET THIS!

Already September...and Halloween is right around the corner. I made this costume for my daughter when she was in Kindergarten. Everyone had to wear a homemade costume that year and this "family of birds in a nest" earned her the first prize! I could not trace the pictures I took from her back then but my son was willing to model it for a few pictures. It was in much better shape 5 years ago...but will give you a good idea...

 This costume will be the cheapest costume you've ever made...but is will be the envy of all Angry Bird lovers! (Which is what Victor thought it was originally). I had some of the necessary items on hand already, like a red sweater, two red socks an old hat. If you don't, you can easily find these at a thrift store.

 What you will need:

- red sweater
- pair of red socks 
- feathers (dollar store)
- old hat or cap (a cap is even better as you can glue the orange cardboard directly on the visor)
-  orange cardboard (dollar store)
- raffia (dollar store)
- hula skirt (dollar store - kid size)
- craft doll eyes (2 big eyes and 4 medium size)
- feather mardi gras style mask
- hot glue gun and glue

feeding time?

 Although I pretty much glued everything together you can just as well sew parts of the costume for more durability. I certainly should have sewn the cardboard beak to the hat...and the raffia could have been braided neatly in several layers and sewn to the hula skirt (the foundation of the nest.)
 Here's the "bird's eye view"

Happy Halloween!

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