Friday, October 26, 2012


by Andrew Dumas


My friend Andrew, whom I've known since high school, made this Deadau5 Head. I was quite impressed with it so I've asked his permission to share this with you. Andrew has always been a MacGyver type person...great in the outdoors (remember the camping trip Andrew?)...I remember relying on him and his boy scout knowledge for many things. He's always had a knack for making things work with what he had on least that's how I remember it. So, I'm not the least bit surprised that he can  apply that to crafting as well...

He wanted me to explain in my own words the process on making the Deadmau 5 head...but I think his words are best. This is what he says to do...

How to make Deadmau5 head

1-used a large round balloon and covered it with many layers of papier mache

2-after letting it dry thoroughly cut out bottom and mouth. And used duct tape (strong glue would work as well) to add the two oversized ears (made from kids foam floor mats from Walmart'

3-taped tulle outside the mouth with duct tape to hide face

4-covered the entire thing with two sided carpet tape then a red short haired fake fur.

5-cut a 5" foam ball in half and made x's with black tape, glued them to the head. (slightly hollowed the back of the "eye" to sit better on a round surface...)

Balloon - dollarstore 3 for $1
papier mache i had already
carpet tape $12 any hardware store
play foam pads 4 in a pack $10 walmart
red fur (material ends) $16
tulle $6 for miles of the stuff
foam balls $6 walmart
black tape $.99 a roll
I would say less than $45

Thanks for sharing Andrew...xo...can I borrow this next year? Trade for Batman?

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