Friday, October 19, 2012

Not "Bat" eh?

Not 100% original but this costume certainly bat cave worthy! I got the idea from a site I googled about five years ago. It's simply an umbrella cut in two and sewn (badly) to the inner part of the sleeves and sides of a hoodie. Extra pieces of the umbrella were used for the ears.

 My daughter wore it the first year... I wore it the next (sorry, can't find the pics) I wore it with a store bought Batman mask...your choice.

Simple, A little dangerous if your child is not the careful type. If he/she is not part of the gentler species...try something else

My son wore it around the house...
But not around other people....

This was a much safer option for him! Look at that
6 pack!

 Here's another great idea. Let's party like it's 1999...which         
is about when I made these for some friends. Was more original 
back then than it is today. They had won 1st and 2nd prize.
My costumes were worth $700.00 that night...not that I
ever saw any of it...huh....friends...yeah!

If you just want to have some fun....try these store bought winners ;)

Walk in Elvis' blue suede shoes for a day.... I Wonder what's up with the Babe on his left...

Thank you very much...

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