Monday, October 29, 2012

Flying Hunchback Witchkin

My kids went to the pumpkin patch with their school
and this is what they came back with... A medium size warted (eeewwwww) one and a cutesy teeny one! Humm.....what to do...what to do...

Spent 15 minutes of lunch at the dollar store today. Got this and that. You can't go wrong when you're working on a project like this whatever catches your eye....

 Hat, gloves, hair, nails...etc...

 Cut a hole in the bigger pumpkin big enough to fit the smaller one in. The carve a face in the small one.
 Fit the head inside the body and have your hunchback Witchkin.
 We've added a broom made with a hula skirt ($ store), black leggings stuffed with newspaper, little slippers for the feet. This is what our Witchkin looks like from the back.
Use sewing pins to pin her legs and arms in place. I've used some wire inside the gloves to form the hands and place them where I wanted them to be.

Notice the cat shape in her eyes :) She's pretty scary in the dark....Happy Halloween Witchkins!

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Unknown said...

That is one scary pumpkin! Awesome :)