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It's been a month since my son's Ben 10 party and almost Halloween. In the midst of all that comes the time to start preparing for my daughter's MAD SCIENCE party scheduled for mid November! No rest for the wicked...oh la la!

The Invitations:

As usual I can't just hand out card inventions... but the idea here is to create memories for your kids and their guests. They won't all remember but at least half will have fond memories of childhood parties they've attended. Quite frankly, I want my children's parties to be remembered! So, I set out with the idea to send a test tube invitation but didn't want the tube to be glass...hum... Went to my usual shopping spots. If you've been following me you know which ones they are (pop quiz). This is what I found:

Pretty lucky...I know. But if you look with your grown-up FIND! Dollar store of course. My intent was to write and print the invitation details and roll them up in the test tube. However, I only picked up nine of these...turns out we had left out 3 important names off the invite list. I went back to the dollar store to pick some more up but I must have looked with my other set of eyes (men eyes)...couldn't find them!

Soooo, I do what I do best...modify! Instead of using the test tubes I used the beakers already filled with colorful bubble solution. That's even better...yay, problem solved.

Isn't that just colorful!

Next - Print text (other side)

Also print silly photo of genius sticking out tongue. Couldn't find such a picture of myself so I settled for one of Einstein instead...

As always...and most importantly PERSONALIZE your invitations. Make your guests feel like they are the STAR! After all, they are just important as the birthday girl/boy...wouldn't be a party without either one ;)

I've laminated the invitations with dollar store laminating sheets - found in the stationary isle in packs of 10.

My daughter will inform her guests to bring the tag invitations to the party...we'll be velco - ing them to the front of the lab coats we'll be handing out to each lab technician...

B.T.W. the party is from 13h00 - 16h00 - that's been fixed! Urghhhh...

The finished product. Punched a hole in the invitation and tied it on the beaker with simple black ribbon.


My daughter's anxious to get these out but in reality she'll be handing them out once Halloween is over. In the meantime we can concentrate 100% on Halloween now!

The Experiments:

The Floating M -  The Floating M

We did this one first setting it aside once we dropped the M&M's into some warm water. It takes a while for the results so rather than wait and watch we passed on to the second experiment. We came back right after to find all of the m's floating to the surface!

Science Bob's Fantastic Foaming Fountain - Fantastic Foaming Fountain you tube

Science Bob`s Chicken in a cup - Chicken in a cup you tube

Air Dry - Air and Water

Ivory Soap in the Microwave -Ivory Soap you tube

Science Bob`s Lava Lamp - Blobs in a bottle you tube

Science Bob`s Drinking Straw music - Straw music you tube

We ended the experiments with that one...the nosiest, simplest and no doubt the silliest one!

The batteries on my camera picked this exact time to die on me so I'll have more to share once I get my hands on my mother's pictures!

Simple decoration - medical gloves for balloons and a bio hazard sign!

 Turned the living room into a laboratory. Each of of young lab techs had their own working space, equipment and gloves. The equipment included a small bowl for the M&M`s experiment,  a small plastic container (that seals shut so they can take it home). Each had their own small pack of M&M`s and Alka Seltzer for the Lava lamp experiment. All other ingredients and necessary equipment was placed in the center of the table for easy access.
 Mad Scientist RAY D. ATION!
 Serious little Lab Techs!
What do you mean a chicken sound? Out of this?


 Look! It Ray D. Ation!

This deliciousness of chocolatey heaven was created by Caroline Desmarais. Check her out!

sweet cake caroline
Yeah, yeah...I know...This is a bogus science equation...but that does not make it wrong...ok?


OOOOH! I had a little fun with these! What screams more fun than a Bio Hazard warning on a Zip lock bag filled with brains and loose marbles? Well...the marbles were loose until we found them here and there and wrapped them up for the LOST and FOUND department at the mental ward. Whooaaaaa ha ha ha ha!

 The Sign is actually the first page of a booklet composed of all the experiments done at the party. This way all the experiments can be re-done in each child's own lab at home. Yay! I'm sensing parents all over just loving me for this right now!
Neat eh!?

This is what was in the bag! Brain candy (dollar store) and homemade Brain cake in a jar and of course some LoOsE MaRBleS!

Also, the children left with their own Chicken in a cup and Lava Lamps!

miam miam...brains anyone?


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Once again you did it!! They are awesome :)

Dale said...

As usual, fantastic!!! Love, love, love your ideas!!!

Unknown said...

Thank you Dale! As usual you leave fantastic comments! Love, love, love your input!