Friday, April 4, 2014


with a TWIST!!

I'm a little late posting our 2013 Halloween costumes but the desire to do so has been haunting me lately. My kids were way too adorable not to share with you all. Halloween falling in the middle of my son's and daughter's birthday parties fills up the calender quite abundantly. I got help this year as I not only lacked time but I'm afraid my energy level was lower than usual. I hired my own Suzy homemaker...Ray...

Of course, Despicable Me Minions have been quite the craze lately so who am I to fight the magnetic charm of Minions? Ray and I brainstormed trying to find a better way to make amazing costumes taking into consideration techniques we had seen on the web. Here's what we came up with...

 We bought a mattress cover foam at Wal-Mart (cheapest there), and wrapped our daughter up in it like a sausage (hee hee)!
'Mickey, can you breathe?'

Determine the right height for your child and cut holes for both arms.

 Continue by cutting a hole big enough for the face. It really doesn't matter if the hole is a little bigger. (You'll see why later on)
 Cut 3 slits to round off the top of the head of the Minion.

Suzy homemaker here,  sewed a yellow cover slip together to cover the foam which now forms the minion's head and part body.

   Unfortunately,   I've lost the pictures I took on how I made the Minion eye(s) and here's what you'll need:

- round cardboard jewelry box which you will need to cut a circle opening on the lid to create a goggle.
- paint the goggle silver
- cut a Styrofoam ball in half and paint an eyeball on in
- once dry glue it to the inside of the google
- the strap is VELCRO. You just need to cut two slits wide enough to fit the strap through the goggles and just strap it on when your child is in the costume!
Use arts and crafts foam sheets and cut desired shape and glue together....easy peasy!

Surprise, surprise!! This is a shot of the BACK of the Minion costume! If you are seeing the Minion's face, it gives the illusion that he is walking towards you before you realize that he is actually backing up from you!! We were stopped about 10 times while tricker treating by people who wanted a picture! It was hilarious and the kids felt like celebrities!
 EXTRAS: Add pipe cleaner hair strands; overalls and black gloves!



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