Sunday, October 20, 2013


For this slumber party I've opted for an unusual cake... A CANDY CAKE! They can snack on this while watching a movie! I know, I know, they probably won't sleep but who sleeps at a slumber party anyway! This is how I made the candy cake with Mickey's help of course!

You'll need a hat box and also a smaller round box (not shown...but the lid of it is there for some reason), double sided tape (lots of it), candies, chocolate bars and chips!

Cover the whole outside of the hat box with the double-sided tape take off the protective strip as you stick your favorite candies on adventurous. No matter what you do it will end up looking like a sweet mess have fun with it. As you can see, We've stuffed the inside of the box with chips! Yummy!

We've added the smaller box on top of the bigger box's lid to add height. We added lollipops and sparkly pipe cleaners. It acts as a tier...We then proceeded in sticking our candies onto the box..and of course, we've added fake tea lights...

How beautiful is that! Sssaawweeeetttt! So there you go, have your cake and eat it too!

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