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It's been quite a while since I have documented a birthday party...well, at least a year!  Here we go again with popular theme parties. This year Victor is turning 8 and he is a huge fan of FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S which I keep calling, unintentionally like a mother does, FRIDAY night at Freddy's. Victor then rolls his eyes and chuckles. Now, when Victor speaks to me about the whole Freddy experience he now refers it as "Friday" Night at Freddy's just to make me feel better (I love him).
Five Night's at Freddy's has a very dark and horrific story behind it t that I'm not certain my son fully understands...but that's fine by me. I knew I shouldn't have watched episodes of Dexter while pregnant with him....sigh! In the end, boys like to get the frights and that's what  draws most of them in.


The Invitation

My daughter is the one who gave me the idea for the invitation. She suggested a newspaper headline for the pizzeria looking for a new security guard. So, my search for an old newspaper template began. I found a few Apple apps that offered templates but the choice was limited and I couldn't change most of the text. I ended up making a google search for Old Newspaper templates and found many. I used this one: I downloaded this free version and this is the result:
Notice the guest's name is written on the upper right corner and all the details of the party are in the text portion of the article.

Afterward, I rolled it up around a wrapping paper cardboard tube and secured it with an elastic.  Ready for delivery! Extra all about it!

I'll keep you posted on the rest of the party as I keep working on it with a few recruits perhaps. Go play at Freddy's in the meantime (or wait till Friday ;) )...I DARE YOU! 

The Freddy Fazbear Mask

I absolutely love being on vacation because that means I have time for making stuff! The kids are at school and as soon as the stores open I'm off to the Dollar Store. Got everything I needed to follow a tutorial on how to make a Freddy Fazbear mask. Now, it certainly didn't come out like his but I'd say it's not too shabby. Ray made a movable jaw with an iron pipe and the rest was based on this tutorial:

Here's mine: 
 At least the kids recognized him!


So again, vacation is GREAT, because I was home to answer the door when Puro came by the deliver the t-shirts I ordered from VistaPrint for Victor's party...Oh yeah! Each guest will get one!

The Loot Bag!

What's in it?

* T-Shirt (Vistaprint)
* Flashlight (Dollar Store)
* Handcuffs and keys (Dollar Store - part of a kit)
* Goggles and badge ( Dollar Store - part of same kit)

It's getting close to Halloween and if I find police hats at the dollar store next week, I will simply add them to the loot bag. Keep in mind that the guests will get the loot bag on arrival at the party. :)

Watch the party here:

During the party, three of us were dressed up as animatronics, and one person was the emcee explaining the game and keeping an eye on the guests. We have a long bowling alley hallway in which we set up three infrared cameras allowing us to capture the kids' reactions as they played Five Nights At Freddy's LIVE!

We had Marionette, Foxy and Chica each hide behind one of 6  doors and the kids had to travel the dark hallway with their flashlights opening the doors they believed no anamatronics was behind.


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