Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Angry Bird-day Party

The Bird House Invitation

A soon to be 6 year old gave me an Angry Bird Challenge recently. I fear that my son, Victor, is growing up to be a little like me. He's been coming up with ideas for his Angry Bird theme party for a month now AND his bird-day isn't for another month to come. I've searched on Pinterest for inspiration for invitation ideas but nothing sparked my creative juices until my trip the...wait for it..."The Dollar Store". The trip was also filled with challenges as my patience and concentration skills were put to test. Victor came with me on this trip! Ouf!

Found these beautiful wooden bird house facades...I picked up 6 and continued on my round to find complementary accessories to complete my much more than just a simple "bird brain" idea!

Wouldn't you know it? These Angry Bird Toppers were tucked away on a shelf way up high...did they fly up there? My creative son then said "Look, Mom...it fits in the bird house hole!" Thank you Vic! Smart cookie, he is!

Back home, I took out some craft paper and cut it to fit both the front and back of the house. Cut hole in "almost" the  right spots...umph!

Made a trip to my craft room to paint the roof and quite honestly...left everything there for the morning!
See the coffee stir stick? Had  those handy and planning to use them to stick it in the birds...no wonder they're  angry.

And...attach the stick like so...with the stapler! Pretty darn easy...any cuckoo bird can do this...

Cover the back with your craft paper and turn it around. Cover up the front with paper of your choice...and you're almost done!

Write your text as you wish...turn around and add details of the party on the back portion...

like so....

The finishing touch includes a "bomb" tag with the name of your guest! ;) Now...we just need to get them delivered!

The rest of the party will be documented soon....until then my angry friends!

The Loot Bags


 There are a lot of Angry Bird stuff out there but most of it is too expensive to throw into a loot bag. I resorted to my safe place once again...The Dollar Store.

I found a whole bunch of stuff and even put some of it back on the shelf. There comes a time where you have to set limits and be more selective. Found a Angry Bird note book set complete with pad; 2 pencils; 2 erasers; and pencil sharpener. Along with...
- an activity book
- a water bottle
- sling shot
- rings
- rubber worms
- moss and string
                                                                                    - feathers (which I did not end up using afterall)
                                                                                    - small plastic plates (not shown)

 The plastic plates come in all Angry Bird colors which is a bonus...so pick what you want. I opted for green to give contrast to the red items. I placed some moss on the plates and taped the pencils in a way to stay true to my bird house invitation.

Stuffed the red note pad in the center of the moss and plates and worked the smaller items around it. Added some worms. Once begun...almost done.

Once all the trinkets are in place and secured with tape wrap in cellophane paper.

 Use your string to add the activity book, water bottle and sling shot...and there you have it. An attractive nest of goodies!

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Dale said...

You, my crafty friend, are amazing! What lucky kids you have to have such a crafty mother!