Saturday, August 3, 2013

Energy and Sanity In A Jar

Teacher/educator/camp counselor thank you gift

It's becoming more challenging each year to stay original in my thank you gifts to teachers, educators, and camp counselors. Some may say gifts are not necessary but I find it's important to give recognition where efforts are made. Especially if it involves your children's well being. This year, our summer camp G.O.'s will be getting a little energy and sanity in a jar. I figure, that's what I would want if I spent the summer with a hundred screaming kids...ISH! 

The kit includes whatever fits the theme and fits in the jar you've picked. Here's what these contain:

- a jar
- instant cappuccino mug
- Hershey's kisses
- mini snickers bar
- mini M&M pack
- mini Twix bar
- sleeping blindfold (this one says "finally...peace!")
- herbal teabag
- bath beads
- bag of Reisen candies
- pocket kleenex pack

Use your imagination...fill it up with other goodies too!

Of course, this is to wipe the tears that will be shed from saying goodbye to your kids... So, imagine this: the counselor, a few weeks later reaches for a tissue from her purse or his pocket and a little reminder of camp surprises last time... (go to next picture) ;)

I've printed a picture of my kids and left a caption as well: " Don't cry! We'll be back! Mickey & Victor xoxo

That will result in an instant smile and this camp employee will surely remember and maybe even keep an extra eye on your kids as camp next year... (Hey, you've got to keep the odds on your side). 

Finishing touch to your jar - A note from your child! Attach it to the jar and voilĂ 

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