Sunday, March 17, 2013

Baby Shower Wishes

Baby baby...I wish...

There's a new Mom-to-be in town and you're invited to the shower? Or maybe even ...throwing the baby shower? You want to leave that new Mom with a lasting memory of the day...don't you? Yes, you can buy her a high chair, a stroller and cute little booties all of which the newborn will eventually outgrow. So, why not go a baby step further and add a wish book for the baby to keep...forever! This is a simple idea and one of the most precious ones I've come across (on pinterest).  It's a simple fill in the blank questionnaire of hopes and wishes that you have for the baby. There are many versions of the wish book and here's mine:

 It's a priceless keepsake...hopefully you know some of the guests that will be at the shower and you can get them to fill out the little sheet ahead of time.
I hope you love: ____________________
I hope you learn: ____________________
I hope you laugh: ____________________
I hope you never forget: _______________
I hope you become: __________________
I hope you aren't afraid: _______________
I hope you have: ____________________
I hope you grow: ____________________
I hope you experience:________________
I hope you ignore: ___________________
I hope you smile: ____________________
I hope ____________________________

I printed the word document directly on 8"1/2 x 11"scrapbooking paper (Michael's) two copies per sheet and cut them voilĂ !

 Easy and daughter helped me out with this!
 Use your imagination to create a different look for every page...
 Print extra sheets for guests to fill out while at the shower!

Warning: you will get all teary eyed when reading all the witty wishes... just have a kleenex box nearby and you'll be fine...

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